I am an Austrian-Canadian actress and director based in Vienna.

Born in Horn, Lower Austria, I grew up in Vienna and actively participated in various theater groups. At the age of fifteen, I did an exchange year in Sao José do Rio Preto, Brazil, where I became fluent in Portuguese and studied the Brazilian film movement known as O Cinema Novo, renowned for its emphasis on social equality during the 1960s and 1970s.
Inspired by this experience, I began crafting my first own narrative and experimental short films, both as director and actor. Post-high school, I pursued degrees in Transmedia Arts at the University of Applied Arts and Performance Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

My art works, videos and performances garnered international recognition, earning awards such as the Ö1 Talentestipendium, a START grant for media art, the Best Short Film Award at the Women’s Film Festival Vienna, the top prize at the Now&After Film Festival in Moscow, and the Young Female Artist Award from Bildrecht GmbH.

During my university years, I co-founded the all-female art punk band, Perlen für die Säue, armed with an amplified ukulele and my voice, performing for underground performances around Vienna. 

Realizing the academic art world wasn’t my home, I continued my artistic journey by studying acting at the Acting School Krauss in Vienna, and soon seized the opportunity to move to New York to continue my education in the Stella Adler Studio of Acting Conservatory program. There, I co-founded another punk rock band called What Would Tilda Swinton Do, inventing the music genre “Lazy Punk” for ourselves. Serving as the lead vocalist and synthesizer player, we played at punk rock and avant-garde venues in New York and New Jersey.

Following my acting program, I secured an artist visa to remain in the US until 2020. I performed in various theater productions, gained a supporting role in the American TV pilot Cicatrix, and starred in several short films.
I am passionate about portraying resilient female characters who navigate life with humor and determination. My role in the Argentine-Austrian film Astronauts, which I co-wrote with director Mariano Cabaco and brought me back to Austria, earned us accolades at international festivals and screened in competition at the Diagonale’22.

I am currently working on my second narrative short film, shedding light on forgotten Jewish women artists during National Socialism in Vienna. Contributing to this complex thematic exploration, I also participated in the production The more it comes the more it goes by Israeli director David Maayan (Arbeit macht frei) at Hamakom Theater in Vienna.

Additionally, I am a founding member of dieRegisseur*innen, an association dedicated to networking, solidarity, and advocating for inclusion and justice within the Austrian film industry.

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