“It’s almost as if you took the vocals of Heart’s Nancy Wilson, or Blondie’s Debbie
Harry, and combined that with the musicality of Hole” – The Deli music magazine

What Would Tilda Swinton Do is an ode to the underground, to the spirit of hedonism and to the irrepressible urge to push conventional boundaries.”

WHAT WOULD TILDA SWINTON DO is a self-described “Lazy-Punk” band based in NYC and brought into life in by the Austrian-Canadian lead singer Suzie Léger. “Their self-titled debut EP is a sample platter of punk rock à la Patti Smith and has all the parts of a fully-realized manifesto, one diligently fixated on female autonomy, power, and desire”, states the NEW STAND magazine.
In 2016, Suzie put up an ad on craigslist to find musicians and subsequently met the Brooklyn-native bass player, Jason Smith. Then her friend from acting school, Tania Kass  – originally from Italy- became the drumming contortionist bringing the heartbeat and harmonies, and the Massachusetts-native, Tom Fiset, joined on  guitar and synths.

Bikerbraut” is a bonafide feminist anthem … Its accompanying music video (…) is like an Andy Warhol painting with the narrative arc of a John Hughes film.” NEW STAND

Bikerbraut” directed and edited by Suzie Léger herself was dropped only a few weeks before the release of their first EP. Energetic in expression, eclectic and playfully changing genres within one song a few times is pretty much a common thread throughout their entire EP that has just been released at the end of August – kind of not lazy at all musically-speaking.

“The collective of anarchistic musicians behind What Would Tilda Swinton Do have created a Punk Rock sound unlike any other. You can’t help but get caught up in the rolling guitar riffs and pure unadulterated percussion soaked sound that the talented musicians create…Their self-proclaimed “lazy punk” sound is one that will undoubtedly make waves in the underground NYC scene.” — A&R Factory


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