Edu Díaz is an actor, a theatrical producer, and a marketing & communications expert born in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain).

In 2019, Edu won the prestigious Fulbright scholarship in performing arts that brought him to New York City, where he is developing theatrical projects under Broadway’s influence.

As a theatrical producer, Edu has successfully produced many plays in the main stages of Madrid and the rest of Spain. He is one of the creators of the romantic comedy ‘Amores Minúsculos,’ a Candidate for the XVIII Max Awards.

As an actor, he has studied with the most important coaches from the United States, Spain, and Argentina, such as Susan Batson, Fernando Piernas, and Natalia Mateo. His first movie, ‘Smoking Club (129 rules)’, was selected in the 20th Malaga Film Festival (Spain), and it is now available worldwide at Amazon Prime Video.

Edu acquired marketing and communications skills at Grupo PRISA, the biggest media company in Spain, where he worked for six years; firstly, as a Communications and Marketing manager of the economic newspaper ‘Cinco Días.’ Then, as a Brand Manager of PRISA NOTICIAS (EL PAÍS, As, Cinco Días, EL HUFFINGTON POST, ICON, Cinemanía, and Rolling Stone, among others).

Edu Díaz es actor, productor teatral y experto en marketing y comunicación nacido en Tenerife (Islas Canarias, España).

En 2019, ganó la prestigiosa beca Fulbright en artes escénicas que lo llevó a la ciudad de Nueva York, donde está desarrollando nuevos proyectos teatrales bajo la influencia de Broadway.

Como productor teatral, Edu ha producido numerosas obras en los principales escenarios de Madrid y del resto de España. Es uno de los creadores de la comedia romántica “Amores Minúsculos”, candidata a los XVIII Premios Max.

Como actor, ha estudiado con maestros de Estados Unidos, España y Argentina, como Susan Batson, Fernando Piernas y Natalia Mateo. Su primera película, ‘Smoking Club (129 reglas)’, fue seleccionada en el XX Festival de Cine de Málaga (España).

Edu adquirió habilidades de marketing y comunicación en el Grupo PRISA, donde trabajó durante seis años; en primer lugar, como responsable de Comunicación y Marketing del diario económico ‘Cinco Días’. Luego, como Brand Manager de PRISA NOTICIAS (EL PAÍS, As, Cinco Días, EL HUFFINGTON POST, ICON, Cinemanía, y Rolling Stone, entre otros).


I grew up surrounded by sparks, hammering, and chemical products; my maternal grandmother, María Belén Morales, was a well-known sculptress. She influenced me as an artist and gave me some values: passion, hard work, and commitment.

2017 Cont'd
2017 Cont'd

As an actor, I recorded my first movie ever: ‘Smoking Club (129 rules)’, directed by Alberto Utrera. As an actor, I had the opportunity to profoundly investing in character. My best experience on set so far.

This year was so prolific in terms of acting. I made many short movies and learned a lot in every single party of the process.

I also found out that I was quite happy performing for young audiences. I came back to ‘EL PAIS’ newspaper, changing the grey suit for a crazy bird costume.