Experimental video / Ultrasound, HubbleTelescope / Duration: 4:45 min. / 4:3
Honorary Prize, ARS ELECTRONICA, Linz / Viennese Video- and Filmdays

The ultrasound technique is compared with the method of examining the universe via the Hubble Space Telescope on an auditory level by means of visible light waves. To juxtapose these two systems and to make the dimensions of the micro- and macrocosm audible, I used pure tones whose frequencies result from a mathematical formula derived via the images of both spaces.

By using a sonogram, I am able to explore the space of my uterus in all its complexity, and make its dimensions, transparencies and boundaries discernible. And yet a picture of my uterus made, using ultrasound, has an alienating effect at the same time concerning the connection to my own body.

The video is a research project that investigates the analogies between this microcosm and the vast macro-cosmic space of the universe. The universe is reflected in my uterus. Laden with social connotations, the ‘uterus’ as a female space (hollow, when not impregnated) of transformation becomes a mirror of our universe.

Concept & Idea by Suzie Léger;
Sound assistant: Alexander D. Martinz
Assistant editor: Franz Schubert
Ultrasound capturing: Dr. Sybille Okresek

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Installation view at the exhibition “Kunstglaube”