WB SL 2018 – 20124 (A journey)


Created for and published in SOFT NEED 23, Editor: Udo Breger

This is an interdisciplinary artwork and performance that will endure six (6) years until its final completion (2018-2024). The first and initial part is published in the art zine SOFT NEED 23, which was originally created by William Burroughs himself and his publisher Udo Breger. The latter one is still the Chief Editor.

The artist created four (4) vinyl record covers inspired by fragments of Burrough’s “Ghost of Chance” (images). Each vinyl has its own title correlating to the writing.

Until February 5th, 2024 – W. Burrough’s 110th birthday – the artist will produce 4 vinyl records based upon these artworks and their inspirations.

    The artist’s regulations:

  • Each record will draw from a different music genre.
  • Not one record will use the same instruments except for the artist’s own voice.
  • The word ‘should’ should never arise.
  • The artist can choose as many collaborators as she wants.
  • Each record will be born in different location: One in New York, USA, one in Tangier, Morocco, another one in Paris, France and one in Lawrence, Kansas, USA.