Video & Live Performance, / Duration: 7:15 min. / 16:9  HD

The manifesto The criteria of the avant-garde (1977) by Franz Kaltenbeck was transformed into a pop song (intro-verse-pre-chorus- chorus).
The text personifies the avant-garde movement and provides a statement of requirements to be fulfilled for the sole claim to art. Accompanied with two bass lines, electronic beats and a ukulele, the text’s intrinsic strict gestural flow and characteristics of language – regarding terminology and tone of voice – is altered to offer a new context for its legibility. Furthermore, with regard to content, the ideas of the past, including their concepts such as the ‘avant-garde’ itself, are being challenged referring to timeliness.

The work was staged for video using the narrative features of pop music clips to transport and overdraw the ideas presented through the song. And it was performed live at the group exhibition Predicting Memories. Seven women and a female bass player interpreted the song as living statutes next to the other exhibited art works works in the historical spaces of the Ehemalige k.k. Post- und Telegrafenamt.

Directed by Suzie Léger
Produced by Lafin C’estmerde
Director of Photography: Lukas Schöffel
Assistant Camera: Felix Krisai
Editor: Suzie Léger
Color: Lukas Schöffel
Key Grip: Georg Vogler
Unit Production Manager: Katarina Csanyiova
Continuity: Clara Diemling Composition: Rine You


Voice Arrangement: Lisa Kortschak
Sound Recording: Daniela Riedl
Make-up: Veronika BurgerPerformers: Rine You, Suzie Léger, Barbara Ruder, Nicole Weniger, Heidelinde Fial, Katka Csanyiova, Lisa Kortschak, Verena Dürr

Special Thanks to VIENNA ART WEEK, Ursula Maria Probst, Alexander D. Martinz, Judith Filmonova

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