Organization for interdisciplinary art production and reception

The association Lafin C’estmerde served as mediator between contemporary art positions and the public, with the aim to network among female producers of all genres national wide as well as internationally. The events organized by the association were interdisciplinary, served as communication platforms, and comprised exhibitions, performances, concerts, and lectures.

The visual artists Suzie Léger, Evelyn Loschy, Verena Duerr, Isabella Kohlhuber and Katharina Swoboda founded the association in autumn 2012.

Their intention was to find vacant spaces and use them temporarily as working environments and spaces for happenings.

The main focus was based upon the exchange between already established artists and emerging talents. We invited already renowned Austrian sculptors, video artists, curators, and filmmakers such as Axel Stockburger, Ursula Maria Probst, Carola Dertnig, Eva Maria Stadler, Martin Arnold, etc. to present their oeuvre, discuss current on goings in the art world and to give feedback on projects of audience members.

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