Video Performance / Duration: 11:28 min. / 16:9  HD

The Performance deconstructs the co- existence of word and image, the relation between artwork and agency.
I appropriated the words of a renowned Conceptual Artist from a YouTube video about his work that was installed at Bloomberg Space in London 2011 and placed them into a new context – the spaces of the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Therefore, the scenery I stumble across – monitors, movable walls, art objects, etc. – were declared as my own work of art through the appropriated and recited words.
The main focus is based upon the artwork that constitutes itself only through the discourse. The power balance between language and art recep- tion is analyzed and pointed up through the performance.

Through the continuous repetition of the text in different locations, I am attempting to rethink the happening of significance, or in fact: the track of the happening shall be retraced as well as the happening itself shall be kept open.

In this connection, considerations might be relevant about how artists apply commentaries as a stra- tegy and apprehend them as part of their artistic practice to legitimize their works as art without waiting for external recognition, consequently to expand their impact on the reception.

Concept & Idea by Suzie Léger
Director of Photography: Anna Werzowa
Assistant Camera: Ulrike Kreuzer
Editor: Suzie Léger
Color: Franz Schubert
Sound: Thomas Grill

Performers: Verena Dürr, Suzie Léger, Evelyn Loschy Clemens Hubinger, Victor Bamieh, Barbis Ruder

Special Thanks to Brigitte Kowanz, Peter Kozek, Robert Castellitz,Veronika Burger, David Lamelas, Eva Maria Stadler, Ferdinand Schmatz, University of Applied Arts Vienna

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