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Video Performance, Soccer Opera / 6:15 min. / 1920 x 1080  HD
1st Prize,
International Video Art Festival NOW&AFTER Moscow, Russia // Best Short, Women Film-days Vienna

In a soccer stadium in Vienna, 13 female artists perform Franz Kaltenbeck’s art manifesto ‘The criteria of the avant-garde’ as an opera piece. This iconic text, written in 1977, lays out the principles of the avant-garde movement, which it emblematizes. The performers make the manifesto their own, and applying its content to a soccer game, deconstruct its meaning. Through rhythmic and melodic transformations, the text acquires new implications—it becomes an avant-garde artwork on its own. In essence, Apropos Of Logic is a playful and provocative meditation on language and its systems of enunciation:

it demystifies academic writing and makes it accessible to all by turning it into a cathartic performance. Apropos Of Logic is the third installment of a trilogy, wherein Suzie Léger has transposed Kaltenbeck’s manifesto into three songs of different genres. The first installment comes in the form of a pop song, while the second is a tribute to Hip Hop rap. By placing the text into a new context with each installment, Léger challenges conceptions of art, including the avant-garde itself, and renders them timeless.

Directed by Suzie Léger
Idea by Suzie Léger, Katarina Csanyiova
Produced by Lafin C’estmerde
Director of Photography: Lukas Schöffel
Assistant Camera: Ferdinand Köstler
Editor: Suzie Léger
Color Correction: Matthew Scholes
Key Grip: Jakob Sauer
Unit Production Manager: Lisa Truttmann
Camera Department Assistant: Roman Soboszek
Stunt Coordination: Klemens Dellacher, Clara Diem
Best: Markus Bachmaier, Matthias Meinharter, Patrick Siebert, Gerald Zahn
Performer: Veronika Burger, Katharina Aigner, Daniela Riedl, Verena Dürr, Suzie Léger, Katarina Csanyiova,

Ulrike Kreuzer, Elsa Krüger, Isabella Moder, Clara Diemling, Sophie Wegleitner, Rosanna Ruo, Ela Zum Winkel, Elisabeth Rödler, Lisa Kortschak,Claudia Lomoschitz, Ursula Maria Probst

Special Thanks to Dynama Donau, Generali Arena Vienna, Rainer Manzl,Heidemarie Manzl, Andreas Pronegg, Barbis Ruder,Helmut Schmidt, Renee Benson, Bundeskanzleramt Wien, MA7, Bäckerei Ströck,Land Niederösterreich

Music composed by Jason Smith & by Suzie Léger
Vocals by Dominika Doniga, Clara Diemling, Elisabeth Rödler, Barbis Ruder