Installation: 16mm Film digitized on video, its duration: 2 min, Format: 4:3; wall chart with the fictional exhibition text (dimensions: 80 x 60 cm)

A demonstration of how context is the main influence of perception, and how constructing and staging of memory, fictional narrations, create and change historical narratives, disintegrate and become pluralized.

The viewer was led to enter into the fiction that I found a 16mm film in the archives of the institution. The exhibition text explained that I found it – somehow forgotten and not well preserved – during the research period prior to the exhibition. The 16 mm film shows five people in the conference room of the University of Applied Arts. Apparently, I couldn’t find any valid information about it, just that the costumes and props appeared to be mixed up from different time epochs.


The exhibition text further explains that there were no answers to the questions, why the film was there in the Künstlerhaus and how I could locate it in the history of the University of Applied Arts.
History occurs in a space between archive and life, between the past that is being collected and reality, understood as everything that has not been collected. The fiction becomes reality through the inscription into the institution.

I didn‘t reveal the fiction to the viewer.

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