Installation: sculpture made of wire (dimensions: 3 x 1,2 x 1,2 m), black card- board with gold and metallic graffiti tracks (dimensons: 0,4 x 0,4m & 0,3 x 0,3m), padded bird without head

On the basis of art texts I recreated selected art works from different artists and epochs by pure text analysis. Exploring the alterations of perception through texts alongside the artwork, I was not allowed to see any visual material of the original work before and throughout the ‘translation process’ – the words are the only indications. Depending on the text, the words describe the appearance of the work, like form, color, size, material, or they draw attention to philosophical, theoretical, and historical, etc. references or suggest interpretations.
For the first part of the series, the press release and exhibition text of a renowned Viennese gallery describing the work of their represented artist served as basis to recreate parts of his oeuvre.

The written words were my only guidelines. A sculpture made of wire, two square black architectural cards and a padded bird without head formed the installation as the result of the translation process.

A Spatial Understanding I was part of Jennyfair, an exhibition alternative to and right across the street of the annual contemporary art fair, VIENNAFAIR. The visitor could compare on-site the result of my translation ‘word into image’ with the original work at the fair.

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